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Why TC 01B ‘MAHASEN’ skipped Chennai

It is a scary and sad thought that the developing Tropical Cyclone 01B, named ‘MAHASEN’, is forecast not to approach Chennai.  The models suggest that TC 01B MAHASEN would veer off North-Northwest after making a CPA of about 650 km from Chennai, thus avoiding the TN and Indian coast altogether.

But this skipping of Tamil Nadu by the TC 01B MAHASEN should gladden the hearts of some people in the state.  You know, the so called Tamil activists (actually chauvinists) who have adopted the short sighted policy of hating and banning anyone and anything connected with Sri Lanka. 

Even the intelligent and smartest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu ever, Jayalalithaa fell for the cheap propaganda by those misguided souls and stormed into (no pun intended) banning Sri Lankan players from IPL.

TC 01B has been christened MAHASEN by Sri Lanka whose turn it is to suggest a name for the cyclone in the North Indian Ocean.  Presumably these so called Tamil chauvinists may not like TC 01B MAHASEN to touch the sacred Tamil shores, as it has been contaminated by the adoption of name suggested by Sri Lanka.

Jokes apart, it is really a pity.  Apart from the absurdity of the thought, TC 01B ‘MAHASEN’ would have brought much needed rains to the parched Northern Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

Again to be fair to the Tamil chauvinists, every TC named by Sri Lanka (since the naming convention was adopted in 2004) has run away from the Indian coast, just like TC 01B ‘MAHASEN’ is doing now.  First it was TC ‘MALA’ in 2006 followed by TC ‘RASHMI’ in 2008, and the TC ‘BANDU’ in the Arabian Sea in 2010.


(image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

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