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Are Che Guevara, Unicef T-shirts terrorist uniforms

The contributors to Reddit did a lot of good after the terror bombing at Boston Marathon.  They organised housing for those stranded in Boston, sent pizza deliveries to Police and hospitals, and the like.

But Reddit, the portal,  didn’t cover itself in fame with the mis-identification of innocents as suspects.  No wonder they published a full fledged apology today.

If you had been reading the comments and contributors posts during those tense hours (days!), you would have been astonished how fast the online detectives went off the track - into politics.

A thread of ridiculous comments were based on the fact that the innocent Sunil Tripathi was once photographed wearing a ‘Che Guevara’ T-shirt.  People who should have known better were quick to condemn him as a terrorist because he wore that T-shirt at some time.


In contrast today was a report in BBC about hundreds of Europeans fighting for the rebels in Syria.  The fear among authorities being their citizens have been so radicalised that they may engage in terror after their return from Syria.

The article centred around a 19 year old Belgian who has been identified by his family as such a guy.  Brian de Mulder from Antwerp, it seems converted to Islam 2 years ago. He became radicalized after getting into Sharia4Belgium group.  This January, as it happens with all fanatics, he severed ties with his family, friends and moved to Syria.

To be frank, one more idiot turning fanatic and dying is nothing new, neither was of interest, nor something revealing to me.

What interested me was one of the photos of Brian de Mulder shows him wearing a UNICEF T-shirt with a bashful smile!!

Just think about it.  An innocent - Sunil Tripathi - was vilified online as terrorist for wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt.  Whereas an actual terrorist - Brian de Mulder - wore a UNICEF T-shirt, and by the proclamations of those online idiots, should not be classed as a terror monger!


My disbelieving half dithers, “I used to wear a ‘Bruce Lee’ T-Shirt, a ‘TMNT’ one, and another of ‘Pink Panther’.  Does that make me a Kung-Fu Dan who can climb 5 stories with a rope and steal the Koh-i-Noor?”

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