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ShareThis button display problem test post

If only I had spent even half the amount of time on bug hunting Google Chrome, instead of on finding workarounds for the bugs encountered in various software, I would probably have made several thousand dollars.

This is a test post to find the workaround for a unique problem.  From yesterday, ShareThis buttons in this blog are not working, not showing, not displaying, not appearing or not showing up - believe this - in Google Chrome 26 and Firefox 19.0.2, but are working, showing, displaying, appearing or showing up in Internet Explorer 10.

Since normal posts are too big to take a proper screen shot, this is a short one to test out the ShareThis button display problem.  The different descriptive words are mentioned as proof of how many people are (maybe) in the same boat.  Which means this is a chance for my to nail the workaround and get more traffic.


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