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Did KeyScrambler 3.1 solve sporadic scrambling

If KeyScrambler 3.0, a major update did extend basic protection for Google Chrome browser in its free or personal edition, it did create a problem by passing junk intermittently in the Firefox browser.

Appears a lot of people reported the issue which has been aptly termed sporadic scrambled input by the QFX team.  You can read about it at the QFX KeyScrambler 3.1 what is new page.

Along with those mentioned, this blog also pointed out the sporadic scrambled input bug specifically in Firefox, and especially while attempting to print with doPDF virtual printer.  Since the bug is supposed to have been fixed, it was time to give it a twirl to confirm.

KeyScrambler 3.1, on the surface has fixed the sporadic scrambled input problem in Firefox browser.  Repeated tests for over an hour today morning with Firefox 19.0.2 worked fine, and KeyScrambler did not pass any junk characters to the Address bar or search box of the browser.

Good Job QFX!

Which sent me to test the other half of the problem.  Does KeyScrambler 3.1 exhibit the sporadic scrambled input while using the Print menu? 

I attempted to open and print the PDF 2013 Form W-4 from the IRS website.  In the print dialogue box, I attempted to add ‘_test_print’ to the default name which appears.

In Google Chrome 26 and IE 10, there were no issues.  But in Firefox 19.0.2, (with doPDF 7.3.388 installed), the bug resurfaced.

At the risk of being termed nasty, let me put that it wasn’t sporadic scrambled input anymore, but has become a consistent scrambled input.

To test it out further, I attempted to print out the same 2013 Form W-4 as an XPS document from within Firefox.  Once again, all that appeared was junk instead of ‘_test_print’.

Guess it is time for more tests and fixes QFX!

Otherwise, KeyScrambler 3.1, is an excellent product which is a must for every PC.  With their recent offer to protect up to 3 PCs with a single licence, there isn’t any reason not to go in for Professional or Premium versions.


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