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Sankaranti 2013 Pongal Pooja Vidhi in Tamil

As promised, Krishnan.Vadhyar has delivered.  Here is the full pooja vidhi on the occasion of Makar Sankaranti, that is Pongal, in Tamil.  Personally, I think this is the first as I cannot find anything on Sankarati Pooja Vidhi as yet after half an hour of search.

The reason for the search is as the venerable old man recovered from the illness, he has misplaced his log in details for his Google account.  Which actually cost us about 4 hours & counting and hence forced me to post this article on Sankaranti Pooja Vidhi in Tamil.

As the old man says, everything which happens has some hidden benefits - for the readers- that is!  This 4 hours allowed me to export the PDF file into an EPUB file which can be directly downloaded into a smartphone - Android or IOS (iPhone/iPad) system - and so save the effort of paper-printing the document.

(And also allowed me to insert a few words to promote this blog site in there)

BTW, Krishnan.Vadhyar informs me that there is also a Go Pooja (கோ பூஜை) procedure for Mattu Pongal Day (15th Jan 2013).  I am not sure about whether it will be ready in time, but here is both the PDF and EPUB versions of the Sankaranti (Pongal) Pooja Vidhi in Tamil.

For the uninitiated, an EPUB file can be directly downloaded and transferred and opened on an Android Phone with the freeware/open source EPUB reader FB Reader.  I have personally tested it and it works alright.

The iPhone is a different animal and frankly, I don’t have much experience with it.  Reports suggest that a non-DRM protected EPUB can be read on Kindle.  But the problem is in importing it into Kindle library.  Friends have suggested that it is possible with either Lexcycle Stanza (an Amazon product) or the freeware MegaReader. 

Please try it and comment.  If they don’t work out it may be time for me to get an iPhone and try out MOBI files.

If this idea works out, and seeing a whole lot of searches for Amavasya Tarpanam landing up here, we (Krishnan.Vadhyar and me) may be tempted to release monthly tharpana manthra in Tamil for smartphones. LOL.  So here are the links to the EPUB and PDF files for Sankaranti (Pongal) Pooja vidhi in Tamil for smartphones.

A word of caution though.  The PDF file is optimized for PC and printing.  EPUB is optimized for screens - with large fonts.  If you wish to take a printout, download the PDF file.  OTOH, the PDF fonts are too small for smartphones.  Take care.

Check out the latest version - free download at:

Downloads page


Snapshot of the EPUB.


Snapshot of the PDF


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