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What is new in BleachBit 0.9.4

BleachBit is a free software tool for cleaning disk space, manage privacy and optimize the computer - not only for Windows but also for Linux.  Yes.  You read it right.  BleachBit is a junk file and registry cleaner for Linux too.  So much for people still claiming that ‘Windows’ doesn’t need such a cleaner.

Earlier we have seen the tests on the various free Registry and Junk File Cleaners for Windows.  As stated there, CCleaner with Winapp2.ini was the easiest, safest and cleanest in my humble opinion.

Though there was a bit of difference between CCleaner and BleachBit 0.9.3 with BleachBit being more thorough, CCleaner had a much better, user-friendly interface.

But now that Andrew Ziem has released and improved BleachBit 0.9.4, it is time to take another look at CCleaner versus BleachBit.

There is another similarity between CCleaner and BleachBit, apart from both being good junk file cleaners.  Both tools’ cleaning ability can be enhanced by using Robert Ward and Shane Gowland’s Winapp2.ini.

So here is the result of the tests. 
  • The earlier BleachBit 0.9.3 cleaned a total of 251 files of 44.6 MB.
  • The new BleachBit 0.9.4 cleaned up a total of 454 files with a massive 461.7 MB space recovery - and this after running the earlier version a minute earlier.
Here is the screenshot with the 0.9.3 results inset.


Now the BleachBit recent changes page does state that the new version BleachBit 0.9.4 finds and deletes many more []
  • history files of Google Chrome/Chromium and IE;
  • recent documents
  • system log files; and,
  • application-specific files of Winapp2.ini;
but the results are much, much more and better than what we could have expected.

CCleaner confirms it by reporting a measly 1.01 MB of crap after the run by BleachBit 0.9.4 in Windows Explorer thumbnail cache and recent files list - which is quite normal.


So there it is.  BleachBit wins the junk file (or crap) and privacy cleaner race hands down.

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