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Views under the News - 17 Dec 2012

The comments are probably the (fictitious, imaginary, unexpressed, tongue-in-cheek) subtext, views and events behind the News Reports, and solely intended to bring a smile to the readers. They have no connection to events and characters in real life and No offence or disrespect of any nature is intended - specifically to Indians.
  • Pakistan misled India on Hafiz Seed’s arrest: Home Minister Shinde.
    • - Was that all they misled us on?
  • Rich must give up subsidized LPG connections:  Oil Companies.
    • - Home Minister P. Chidambaram has 2 subsidized LPG connections for his home at Chennai: Report.
  • Smartphones free with Government’s cash transfer plan.
    • - Smartphones to ignorant people is a dumb idea of wise men.
  • China a bigger challenge than Pakistan: Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid.
    • - As long as you don’t shy away from it.
  • Conservative Shinzo Abe wins Japan elections for PM.
    • - Only in Japan can Liberal Democrats be ‘conservative’.
  • Slumdog director Danny Boyle turns down Knighthood.
    • - Prefers to be a common dog.
  • Indiana Man who owns 47 guns held after school threat.
    • - Absolutely no comments.
  • Berlusconi return may hurt Italy.
    • - If only there are Bunga-Bunga parties.
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