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Views under the News - 13 Dec 2012

The comments are probably the (fictitious, imaginary, unexpressed, tongue-in-cheek) subtext, views and events behind the News Reports, and solely intended to bring a smile to the readers. 

They have no connection to events and characters in real life and No offence or disrespect of any nature is intended - specifically to Indians. 

[Does that mean other nationalities if they feel offended, can go suck their thumbs?].
  • Radha Chauhan, heroine of Parliament Terror attack, is today a sweeper.
    • - She should thank God that we haven’t made her sweep Afzal Guru’s cell.
  • Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar passes away.
    • - Many women of the world heave a sigh of relief.
  • Narendra Modi claims that Government plans to give away Sir Creek to Pakistan.
    • - Even if true, it is better than giving a reason for Pakistan to instigate terrorists by killing Gujarati Muslims.
  • 477 death row inmates currently in Indian Jails: Government.
    • - How many death deserving criminals are roaming free?
  • Deutsche Bank Chiefs involved in Carbon Trading Scam.
    • - But that was what Carbon Trading is all about - a Scam to pull over peoples’ eyes.
  • Chinese farmer Liu Qiyuan builds modern Noah’s Ark to beat Apocalypse.
    • - Liu Qiyuan better clarify that it is not a Falun Gong contraption.
  • UN condemns North Korea rocket launch.
    • And instead of controlling Rocket Launches, you want to control Icerocket searches.

(image courtesy Reuters/Digital Globe [via] BBC)


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