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Views under the News - 28 Nov 2012

The comments are probably the (fictitious, imaginary, unexpressed) subtext, views and events behind the News Reports, says ‘the common man’ (with apologies to R.K. Laxman).
  • Collegium on CBI chief selection will negate criticism: outgoing Director A.P. Singh.
    • - Can’t say the same about effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Maldives scraps $500 million GMR airport contract; India reacts sharply.
    • - Norway told to stay off the cancellation of TeleNor Licence in 2G scam, as it is an internal matter of India.
  • Squadron Leader Anandita Das of IAF commits suicide by hanging from ceiling fan.
    • - Decided to place more trust on a ceiling fan than on a MiG-21 turbo fan.
  • Two police officials suspended over Facebook arrests in Mumbai: R.R. Patil.
    • - There.  Move on, move on.  Matter is closed.  Any more ruckus on the subject will be dealt with sternly under the law.
  • Kapil Sibal snowed in with issues of free speech before ITU meet.
    • - As him if he cares and Sibal will probably reply ‘There is no actual censorship on free speech.  It is all presumptive.
  • US Powerball jackpot hits a record $500 million.
    • - Would someone please buy me the winning ticket!
  • People’s Daily of China falls for The Onion Kim Jong-un ‘sexiest man’ spoof.
    • - Solly Comlades.  We cannot speek Engliees velly well.
(insert image courtesy Washington Post)

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