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Queen Elizabeth and the killer commando

Seems it is the age of the Empires to emulate their former colonies.  Not only the famed companies which were the labels of the mighty British Empire a hundred years back are with Indians now - like British Steel and Jaguar-Land Rover - the mighty namesake ruler is also set on following her Indian counterparts.

Remember two of our former Presidents A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil had a fondness for showing off their fitness and interest in our Armed forces.  Abdul Kalam, if my memory is correct, visited Siachen, flew in a Sukhoi-30 MKI and also took a dive in a submarine.

Pratibha Patil was content to strap herself into an Su-30 MKI. 

Guess she wasn’t as much interested in Siachen which is sought by Pakistan, compared to Pune, where she tried to muscle in on prime land for her post-retirement ‘residence’.

Queen Elizabeth II is a completely different kettle of fish.  After all, the President of India is only the head of one, though huge, sovereign nation.  Queen Elizabeth II in contrast is the constitutional head of some 15 odd sovereign nation states, including Australia and Canada.

So she decided to walk among the commoners of the British Army and strolled through the Combermere Barracks at Windsor, England.  There are quite a lot of charming photos of her engaging the soldiers on the morning of 26th November.

Looking through the photos, we get the feeling that she is grim and reserved in the company of the men and horses, while absolutely delighted with the machines and tools.

Is that the famed British stiff upper lip?

Any case here is the snapshot of the Queen Elizabeth II facing off a commando in full camouflage suit - what they call a ‘Ghillie suit’.


Oops! Sorry.  That was the wrong one.  Completely missed the Horse, maybe because of the hat.

Here is the one where the Queen is addressing the soldier.  You can clearly see the shining-like-glass black boot of the sniper.  Though I wonder why he didn’t bother to clean up otherwise.


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