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What is new in Firefox 16.0.1?

After the hiccup with Firefox 16.0. two days back, Mozilla has been quick on the uptake.  They quickly fixed the privacy bug discovered in the earlier version and released Firefox 16.0.1 yesterday night (India).
So what is exactly new between the previous version 15.0.1 and the new Firefox 16.0.1?  There are:
  • a whole lot of security and bug fixes. 
  • some improvements and handy tools for Developers.
  • (is) nothing much to write home about, for the normal user.
The one noticeable effect, if at all you can notice it, is the implementation of ‘Incremental Garbage Collection’, which is supposed to make Firefox 16.0.1 more responsive - you ‘might’ see quicker response (or less lag) in mouse movement.

So, should you upgrade?

Definitely yes.  Especially if you’ve been updated to version 16.0. couple of days back, you should immediately upgrade to 16.0.1, as it fixes the privacy issue - see release notes. 

Even otherwise the sheer number of bug fixes makes the update a must.


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