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Mahalaya Paksha Amavasya 2012 Tharpanam procedure in Tamil

This year the Pitru Paksham is from 30th September till 16th October 2012.  The Mahalaya Amavasya occurs on Monday, 15th October 2012, that is tomorrow.

For the benefit of the grihasthas who are living out of Tamil Nadu - in other states of India or in foreign countries who cannot or do not get a suitable guru or vadhyar to perform the Tharpanam procedure, here is the Mahalaya Amavasya Tharpana vidhi, procedure in Tamil.

As you know, the basic mantras are the same whether you are a Smartha or Vaishnava.  However, there are slight differences in procedures and some extra or changes in mantras.

For e.g., the shaivaite procedure is aachamanam, shuklambaradaram, pranayamam, sankalpam etc.  The vaishnavite procedure is aachamanam, pranayamam, prarthanai, sankalpam, etc.

Within the vaishnavaite traditions also, there is difference.  The vadakalai procedure has more mantras than thenkalai procedure.

The current Mahalya Paksha procedure in Tamil  & the Online Amavasya Tharpana Sankalpam Generator (and other current Pooja procedures in Tamil) can be accessed from the link at
Downloads page


May the ancestors bless everyone of us.

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