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Go Green by making clay Ganesha at home

Ganesh Chaturthi, Vinayakar Chaturthi or Pillayar Chaturthi (பிள்ளையார் சதுர்த்தி) is really a colourful, fun filled, festival - a time for joy, peace and happiness.

But, one of the most awful consequences of the Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations is the pollution of water bodies - whether stagnant, flowing or the sea - when the idols are immersed after (1 or) 10 days.

The Ganpati idols which earlier used to be made out of clay have been replaced by Plaster of Paris idols, painted, and adorned with whole lot of artificial flowers, paper decorations and foils, which are all discarded at the immersion site after the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are over.

NGOs and other civic organisations have been trying to educate people to use eco-friendly, non-polluting idols and accessories for Vinayakar Chaturthi, over the last few years - one such is the Go Green Ganesha initiative.

Here is my 2 bits worth to ensure a Green Pillayar Chaturthi. 

How to make your own clay Ganesha idol in 5 minutes flat and celebrate a great Vinayakar Chaturthi


A simple yet elegant Ganesha idol for Puja and an eco-friendly one which can be safely immersed and dissolved in any water body - even in a bucket of water.  All it needs is clay and willing pair of hands to make this Clay Ganesha at home.

And the Youtube video demonstrating the same -

How to make a clay Ganesha idol for this Pillayar Chaturthi

Though I’m still engaged in sprucing up the blog, I felt it is appropriate to make this post now, as it would give a chance for the people, especially overseas, to try their hand over the upcoming weekend.

PS:  I’ve asked the other author to also type out / scan the Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Procedure (in Tamil of course) for the benefit of people overseas or in other (non-Tamil) states of India, just like the Yajur Upakarma.

I’m sure we will be able to manage it well before Pillayar Chaturthi.

Check out the latest versions of Pooja procedures - free download at:

Downloads page



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