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Yajur Upakarma 2012 Avani Avittam procedure in Tamil

Tomorrow, 01st of August 2012, is the Full Moon day - and it has a special significance in the Hindu Calendar.  That day is supposed to be the most auspicious day to begin the studies of Veda and the Brahmins (depending upon their internal classifications) are supposed to renew, refresh their knowledge and purity (if such things do exist within them :-P).  Thus the day is called Upakarma or Upaakarma. [In Tamil called as Avani Avittam (Tamil: ஆவணி அவிட்டம்)]

It so happens that the mantras to be chanted on that day, differs from year to year - and though the variation is slight, it is significant.  Every year I see people rushing around to grab a printed copy of the mantras, which sells for a few Rupees - sort of a ritual before a ritual. :-)

While it is easy for people in Chennai or TN to grab such a printed copy, it may not be so easy for Tamil speakers in other states - certainly not for people overseas.

Anyway this year many searches have landed up on this blog for the Yajur Upakarma mantras.

Check out the latest version - free download at:

Downloads page


For your reference:
Gayathri Japam general procedure
Upakarma general procedure

Here is a sample thumbnail of the 1st page.


Have fun.

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