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KeyScrambler Personal 2.9.2 has been released

Key logging Programs called keyloggers are basically cybercrime tools that monitor user activity on the computer.  They record every keystroke, including the system keys, which when accessed by a cybercriminal exposes your ID, passwords and PIN etc. to the cybercriminal.

KeyScrambler Personal 2.9.2 is one of the best and free option to protect your data from such cybercriminals.  KeyScrambler encrypts the keystrokes deep in the kernel, as they enter the computer.  It then decrypts the keystrokes in the destination  application, so you see exactly the keys you’ve typed.  Anyone in between, like the keylogger, can intercept only the encrypted keystrokes, which is essentially garbage.  IMHO KeyScrambler Personal free should be installed in every PC.  Unlike some other applications, KeyScrambler is not a memory hog - consuming less than 2.5MB, which makes it unobtrusive.

There are only 2 drawbacks I have noticed in all the years I’ve used KeyScrambler (right from version 1.1 or so). 
  • Sometimes with websites using Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications / modules, the first few keystrokes aren’t decrypted.  Though once the decryption starts working, there isn’t any problem.  For e.g., in a Siebel application, when I try to type in an user name like ‘mad.madrasi’, it might on the first attempt appear as ‘m347%@(&dms’ or something.  A very slight irritant.  Till recently I thought that it was due to the old CPU and slow RAM, but even with an Intel i3 or an i5 machine, the results are the same.
  • Something similar, but persistent happens when you play flash games.  The KeyScrambler Personal 2.9.2 doesn’t decrypt the encrypted keystrokes to the flash game and the flash game doesn’t understand / respond to the keys.  This problem in flash games is not a ‘one-off-on-1st-time’ like with the Oracle Siebel CRM, but occurs repeatedly.  The only solution I’ve found is to temporarily disable KeyScrambler Personal while playing flash games.
Except for these 2 very minor irritants, KeyScrambler Personal 2.9.2 is a fantastic must-install tool for your PC.
Apart from above, the following software also have new updates.  Their current version numbers and download links (along with other software of interest) are listed at the Latest Versions page
  1. MS Sysinternals Autoruns - 11.31
  2. Private Firewall Free -
  3. SuperAntiSpyware Free - 5.0.1150
  4. Kaspersky TDSSKiller -
  5. CCleaner - 3.19
  6. Winap2.ini - 1.0.120611
  7. Wise Registry Cleaner Free - 7.31
  8. Mozilla Firefox - 13.0.
  9. Google Chrome (stable) - 19.0.1084.56
  10. Sylpheed - 3.2 beta 8
  11. Google Drive - 1.1.3019.0342
  12. Libre Office (stable) - 3.5.4
  13. Notepad++ - 6.1.3
  14. doPDF - 7.3.381
  15. Calibre - 0.8.55
  16. Picasa -
  17. Java Runtime Environment
  18. Flash Player (IE & Non-IE) - 11.3. 300.257, and
  19. KeyScrambler Personal Free - 2.9.2
All Software are (C) and/or (R) of respective owners. Please also read the Licence page.  Those conditions apply in full.
(image courtesy QFX software)
The Latest Versions page updated after almost a month.

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