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Did Manmohan Jinx defeat Nicolas Sarkozy

It is clear by now that the French by the thinnest of margins have chosen to throw out the ‘little Napoleon’ Nicolas Sarkozy and ushered in the patently decent but patently inexperienced  Francois Hollande (as Hugh Schofield termed him in BBC) to the French Presidency.  That Francois Hollande wins and Sarkozy loses this election wasn’t some bolt from the blue, isn’t going to stop the media from going to town on this.

No doubt there would be many articles, reports, analysis and whatnot written on the French elections and its repercussions for the Eurozone.  Just as sure, there would be many countries trying their hand to at least muddy up, if not try to fish, in the churning.  Already the British PM David Cameron  was off the blocks, calling up Hollande hoping to ‘work together closely on the very close relationship between the UK and France’.

The same report goes on to quote the former EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson expecting a change in political landscape and economical thinking in the Eurozone.

This CNN article tries to envisage the contours of the future French-German cooperation by asking After Merkozy, what next for Europe? []

The Guardian grudgingly allows 45 days for Hollande to stitch together a new deal, while mapping out the problems facing him.

The Telegraph doubts Hollande’s success, questioning how will Hollande rescue the stricken French economy?

The BBC has had two articles on the ramifications of the defeat of Sarkozy in the hands of Hollande.  It tries to imagine How Berlin will look at the Hollande victory?; and in another tries to analyse How Hollande won the election?

There is also a fantastic interactive map and datasheet at Guardian - a brilliant piece of work - and a must for everyone to take a look and marvel [].

But what no one has yet looked at is Why did Francois Hollande win the French Presidential election?  No doubt once the reality of the victory sinks in, in a few days, some will start looking in, to do a post-mortem.

But there is no one (except me that is), who can tell you out front the actual reason for the defeat of the little Napoleon Sarkozy in the Presidential election.  It is simple really.  And to be honest, I had raised the possibilities earlier, here and again here.

It is called the Manmohan voodoo or the Manmohan jinx.  Every world leader who has met our PM Manmohan Singh seems to be facing trouble - and in some cases like Sarkozy and the Malian President Toure have lost their Presidency in 2012.

It is a definite hit - keep watching this blog for more such insightful thoughts.  BTW the red provinces are where Hollande won and the blues are for Sarkozy.
My Mischievous half mutters, ‘Nice bit of PhotoShop, even though I say it myself; & even though it has been done on Paint.Net’

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