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Which came first Hen or Chicken?

In a new twist to the old question a Hen in Sri Lanka has laid an eggless chick.  When I read the news this morning, two thoughts came to mind.  Either I am still asleep and dreaming or else I must have had a drink yesterday.

But thankfully it was neither.  It is a reported fact that a Hen in Sri Lanka has given birth to a live, cute chick, instead of laying an egg and hatching it.

Like you, at first I simply could not believe it.  Even now it seems improbable that a bird can give birth to a live young.

Giving birth to a live young one is a Mammalian trait and certainly not a trait of Oviparous animals, and all birds are Oviparous.  And it is not a mutation or some exotic and horrifying genetic experiment in which a Hen has suddenly acquired mammalian characteristics.

What seems to have happened is the mother Hen instead of laying the egg somehow retained it within its body for 21 days and hatched it within.  Thus the Hen laid an eggless, live chick [].

Sad to say that the Hen died due to injuries sustained while giving birth or laying out the live chick.


[image courtesy BBC]

My Thankful half titters, ‘Thank God it was in Sri Lanka or anywhere else but India.  Else this would be seen as a miracle and people would be flocking (pun intended) to pray to the ‘miracle’ chick.’

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