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When in doubt, format, don’t shout!

Some years back there was a boss man, the head of our division who had absolute say over whether we live or die.  Just joking, but levity aside, that man had the last say on our job profile, promotions, career and peace and happiness.  He was also a supremely egoistical being and is known to have driven some shore managers away for speaking out against him, on operational issues, to his face.  So this boss-man was said to have a management technique called ‘When in doubt, Shout!’

It was rare for people to be summoned to his presence and come out without being shouted upon.  There were huge sighs of relief and people of all ranks, from the watchmen to General Mangers, visibly relaxed (and reportedly got drunk) the evening of his retirement.  That, anyone will tell you is no mean achievement in a shipping company with about 3000 employees and offices from New York to Tokyo and London to Singapore.

There were many of us who learnt our lessons – that shouting when in doubt does nott produce results, but instead pokes the underlings and colleagues in the wrong way, disrupting the smooth working of an organisation.  It did not mean that we ourselves never resorted to shouting at all; we occasionally donned the mask of anger and rage to drive the people but did not adopt it as the first and foremost management tool.

So when my PC started acting funny, with sluggish responses and prolonged delays while starting up and shutting down, it was not the time to shout, jump around and bang the keyboard, but to format and reinstall the OS.

Though every check with SuperAntiSpyware, MalwareBytes AntiMalware, Spybot S&D, Kaspersky TDSSKiller and of course Comodo Internet Security revealed no problems or infections.

Which does not prove anything except that if my PC has been compromised, it has been done with better technique and tools than that could be targeted by these security tools.

It has been 6 months since the last reinstall, which means that a format was due any way.  Thus over the last 2 days I disappeared from the blog to backup the files and do a complete format and reinstall.

Now, I am back …

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