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A Phoenix only knows to re-emerge from the Ashes

As written earlier, the wild parrot which for a time seemed will end up in my care, has flown away - deliberately released as it would not do to cage a wild bird.  There is no way that the juvenile would ever conform. It was time to release it and do as it wishes, live the life it wants to - and die if it wishes so.

But that also brought out to me that I have to discipline my cockatiels, which everyone says has been indulged by me.  Of late, for the last year or so, they have taken to screaming their heads off, without any provocation.  At first, it was amusing.  But of late I find that it is hurting me, my peace, well being and seriously affecting the normal working.

Undisciplined screaming and popping off their opinions, even by my cockatiels is unwelcome.  True their calls are not as disconcerting as that of an Indian Ring Necked Parrot.  But even without such shrill, ear piercing shouts, it gets on the nerves.

Thus I have decided that it is time to discipline them.  The trick is to discipline them without terrorising them.  Terrorising a bird or a bunch of them or even people is easy.  Just ask the Maoists.

The trick is to make them see reason.  That their normal, gentle calls are welcome and pleasing, while their illogical, screaming on the top of their heads, is unwelcome.

And the solution is to make them understand that if they scream off like they do, they’ll provoke a tough hand from the powers that be.

The solution I have found is to gently clap my hands when they start to scream.  And follow up with ‘shush’ sounds to make them understand that they must stop their undisciplined behaviour.

In 3 days, I made the cockatiels realise that snapping my fingers (forget about gently clapping my hands), means that I am not feeling good about their unwanted utterances and undisciplined behaviour.

Watch this space.  Over the next six months, I will try to make them more disciplined and stop making shrill noises and bad behaviour.

Read it however you will, I am no guy who is going to give up, ever.  Without resort to violence or mistreatment, there are ways to bring everyone around, even the cockatiels. 

What if there are a few indulgences and perceived failures?  They don’t matter in the long run.  The cockatiels have a caged life of 14 to 25 years, and I am not going to let them down, by becoming unruly and unquestioned.  I *am* going to become the Master-Of-Them-All.  For that, if I have to become manipulative, politically savvy, playing one-against-each-other, so be it.

After all, A Phoenix does not submit, it only knows how to emerge once again from the ashes.  It does not submit, does not heed the cacophony of ill wishes of its detractors, it emerges stronger, healthier and more purposeful.


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