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Julia Gillard trumps Manmohan Jinx and Rudd

Try as he might to blackmail the Australian Labor Party with the threat of losing the next general elections, Kevin Rudd  fell flat in his ambush to dislodge Julia Gillard as PM.

He could get less than half the votes polled for Gillard at 31 to 71.  Some would say the humiliation serves him right.  He might feel wronged in being ousted by Gillard in an inner-party coup in 2010, but that does not give him any right to come out and openly claim that without him, the Labor party would lose the next general election.

However it might have sounded to his supporters, to me, sitting 9000 kilometres away, it sounded too self-sounding and pompous.  More so like he doesn’t think much of his party colleagues and fellow MPs.  That they are all power hungry hangers-on, who take a free ride on his coat tails.

That apart it seems Gillard has managed to shake off the Manmohan Singh jinx which follows every leader our PM comes in contact with.

(image courtesy

My Mischievous half murmurs, ‘However, the Maldives President Nasheed was not so lucky; he was ousted.  And I guess the President and people of Mali are not feeling too good right now, with the Tuareg rebellion.’

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