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Google celebrates Mark Twain in a doodle

Wow!  What a doodle!  Makes me want to grab a copy of ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and escape into the fantasy world of St. Petersburg.

The Google doodle depicts a couple of scenes from early in the story, when Tom Sawyer is made to whitewash the picket board* fence by Aunt Polly as a punishment.  He is punished for getting his clothes dirty while fighting with a boy.  That’s all I remember and for sure it is time to read Mark Twain again.


My Naughty side natters, ‘Agree that Mark Twain is special!  But what is special about his 176th birthday that it calls for such a spectacular doodle?’

PS:  It is a board fence, 9 feet high, thirty yards long and not a picket fence - Google took liberties with that doodle.  Yup!  I am reading the book on my mobile.

Have a look for yourself


PS2:  Even the original artist seems to have taken liberties.  Does that fence look 9 feet tall? LOL!

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