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Being a blogger is like becoming a millionaire

Every rich man would admit that the first million dollars was the most difficult million he/she ever made.  Every not-so-rich person would also admit to it - otherwise they’d be part of the club and not ‘looking-in’.

I think something similar exists in the blogging world too.  Only here, instead of counting the bucks, one counts the hits.  Thus trying to get a decent number of hits per day and a accrue a considerable cumulative number for the first time is like pulling your teeth and tearing your hair out - simultaneously - by yourself.

Just have a look at the statistics for the monkeyshine nutworks.  It took 10 months almost to the day to score 1000 hits - from 04th Nov 2009 to 02nd Sep 2010.

In the next 10 months (and a couple of weeks)- from 03 Sep 2010 till 20 July 2011 - a further 9000 hits accumulated, for an average of 900 hits a month.

Just 15 days later, on 06 Aug 2011, the cumulative has touched 11,000 hits.

Does this mean that I have made my first dime in blogosphere?  Keeping fingers crossed to match my blogging-weary crossed eyes.


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