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Avoid Tax and earn a Medal of Honour

What will happen in the US today if this hypothetical situation takes place?  A General wants to import a specially crafted rifle, which is subject to import duty.  A Senator intervenes at the General’s request and gets manages an import duty waiver for the Gun.  After a few years, the General sells that specially crafted rifle and another Senator recommends the General for the Medal of Honour.

Yeah, OK, I must have twisted a few things out to fit in with the example, as I am not aware on the ground situation about import of firearms into the US, whether intervention by a Senator or others would oblige with an exemption or if recommendations by Senator or any others are due-process for a Medal of Honour award.

But the point is, if all these together happens in the US and comes out in the public, what will be the reaction?  I guess there will be a rather big howl.  Republicans and Democrats, whether Tea party, Blue Dog, pro-life, pro-choice, or liberals will all be outraged, to say the least.

Now, what will happen if a similar situation happens in India?  My guess is that everyone, right, left, centre, fundamentalists, communists and liberals would stand around clapping, patting each others back saying, ‘good show, man!’

What? you do not believe me? 

Just substitute ‘cricketer’ instead of General, ‘Ferrari’ instead of rifle, ‘Minister’ instead of Senator and ‘Bharat Ratna’ instead of Medal of Honour, and you’ll get the picture.

Still don’t understand what I’m talking about?  Remember these?
  • Government bends rules for Sachin’s Ferrari
  • Sachin sells his Ferrari to a businessman
  • Sachin one step closer to Bharat Ratna 
My mischievous half murmurs, ‘does blogging count as literature?’


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