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Buried Prey is still juicy

I am not a dog - certainly not (yet) a mad one to be hanged or shot, but the recent novel by John Sandford, the Buried Prey will be juicy to all readers.

Buried Prey

In this episode #21 of the Prey series and Lucas Davenport, the story gets really gripping.  Subtly different from the earlier Prey/Davenport saga of invincibility (at least to the author and readers), Davenport has to face the dreaded ‘D’ word in this one.

The story contrasts the ‘earlier’ life of Davenport and his mistakes made therein, actually his very first case as a detective, with his course of actions later, and the past comes to haunt Davenport, when the buried bodies of 2 teens who were abducted 25 years before, turn up.  And therein is the tie to Davenport’s career as investigator.

A definite for all the readers of the Prey series, it nevertheless is a must read for all fiction folks, standing alone as a good, gripping and thoughtful story by itself.

With this story, I think, Stanford the author is also about to explore new avenues forthwith.  A recommended read for a weekend when the kids are out, the wife is busy or when the fish are not biting.  But when you get into the book, I am sure that the fisherman wouldn’t bother when the fish bite.

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