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Stoned is Bel-Air Dead

The novel #20 in the Stone Barrington series is ‘Bel-Air Dead’.  It is a good fast read and has a few unexpected twists this time.  Stone Barrington flies down in his own plane (how else?) to the aid his one time mistress and mother of his son, Arrington Calder and protect her investments.

There is the usual litany of airplane characteristics, and a sideline into the how’s and what’s of owning an airplane - fairly uninteresting to us common readers as also is the gobbling of fine food by Stone Barrington and Dino Bacchetti.  Not to forget what has become a compulsive inclusion in a Stone Barrington novel - lurid sex scenes.

If we disregard all of those, which never contribute anything to the story at large, the stripped down part of the novel is a good read.  This story has also characters from Wood’s Ed Eagle series, who do contribute to the fast paced storyline.
Bel-Air Dead by Stuart Woods
It might not make someone’s list as a must read, but in my opinion is a good book to relax with on a journey or waiting for the flight.

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