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9 matches to Woe Cup

We are half way past the half way point (of 9th March).

There are 9 matches left to the Q/F.

So, more match(es) played with predicted results.
1. BAN vs NED - BAN win - correct prediction
2. PAK vs ZIM - PAK win (D/L) - correct prediction

The original post of 09 Mar 2011 contains the Google Spreadsheet which has been updated to reflect the result(s). In fact the whole sheet has been reworked to gain a better picture.

There are 8 possible line ups in Group B whereas Group A has settled down. Tony Greg and Rameez Raja tentatively agreed on a similar line up (for Group A) yesterday, during the commentary.

With this complete reworking, a couple of Q/F line ups can be ruled out:
(1) AUS will not meet RSA in the Q/F
(2) NZ and PAK will not meet either ENG or BAN in the Q/F

Here is the spreadsheet link:


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