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6 matches to Woe Cup

Two days *after* I released the reworked spreadsheet charting out the possible qualifying teams for the Quarter Finals, the famed ESPN-Cricinfo has rehashed a similar one.

The only variation is that they have included the possibilities of the IND/WI and the
BAN/RSA being washed out - spreading 1 point each to all.

For the record, IND/WI clash 3 days from now, on Sunday is going to be played at my home town - Chennai. If it rains that day or night, I will sleep with a cricket ball in my pyjama pocket.

So, 3 more match(es) played with predicted results & 2 matches underway today.
1. RSA vs IRE - RSA win - correct prediction
2. AUS vs CAN - AUS wiin - correct prediction
3. ENG vs WI - ENG win - probable prediction

With the English win, 4 out of 8 possible line ups -
ENG lose (to WI) with IND win or IND lose (to WI) plus RSA lose (to BAN) have been eliminated.

Possible future forks of the Seldon Plan have disappeared

As mentioned on 15th, these Q/F line ups had been (already) eliminated:
(1) AUS will not meet RSA in the Q/F
(2) NZ and PAK will not meet either ENG or BAN in the Q/F

To which we can safely add today:
(1) AUS will not meet either RSA or BAN
(2) NZ and PAK will not meet either ENG or BAN in the Q/F
(3) SL will meet only BAN or ENG in Q/F

The original post of 09 Mar 2011 contains the Google Spreadsheet
which has been updated to reflect the result(s)

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