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4 matches to Woe Cup

4 matches to Q/F of which 3 are of much interest and would indicate the prospective Finalists. 2 of which are being played today and 1 is in progress as I post this.

Yup! If we can accurately plot where these teams stand - PAK and WI versus the opposing AUS and IND respectively, we can pair up the Finalists - yes, the Finalists.

1st the match in progress is the RSA vs BAN, in progress at Dhaka.  If BAN lose this match, their fantastic campaign comes to an end - rightly so, for, personally, I don't think they are good enough to go beyond the Round Robin stages in a World Cup - not yet.

Plus, it also would give us a fair idea of the playing conditions as 2 Q/F the 1st and the 3rd are scheduled there.

2nd the match scheduled later today between AUS and PAK at Colombo would indicate the match fitness of the PAK team. Remember that the most unpredictable team in the World, lived up to its reputation -
it won against SL but crashed against NZ.

Plus, if PAK win against AUS, the Group A line up is also in for a churning. Then PAK would top the table with 11 points followed by SL because of better run rate when compared to AUS (at 9) and NZ making the last of 4.

3rd the match between IND and WI would finally settle the Group B line up.

To wrap up yesterday's results:
1. IRE vs NED - IRE win - correct prediction
2. SL vs NZ - SL win - correct prediction

Personally I think the line up will be:
Gr-A  and  Gr-B
AUS          RSA
SL              WI
NZ            IND
PAK         ENG

However, my 'official' Google Spreadsheet which has been updated
to reflect the result (s) is at the original post of 09 Mar 2011.

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