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Sticky posts page created

One problem about blogging on various subjects, including on PC security and software is that over a period of time, some posts of ‘lasting interest’ keep adding up.

Telling people to look up in my blog (a blatant effort at self promotion), when they ask for some advice or clarification becomes difficult as it is impossible to remember the dates of the posts or their headings.

Apart when I want to go back and edit the post with some updated or modified information, it is frustrating to try and locate the post - the same problem outlined above.

There is no simple way to make a post ‘sticky’ or ‘pinned’, like we can do in a support or other forums, in a blogspot hosting.  BTW, monkeyshine nutworks has its own domain registration with, but still uses the free blogspot hosting - why throw away several thousand Rupees to just ‘host’ a site, when it can be done for free, reliably with Google?  And there will not be a constant worry that the host might ‘disappear’ one fine day.

Hence this idea to create a ‘Sticky Posts’ page - now that Google is permitting up to 10 individual pages on a blog.  The page will list links to the posts which I think are of lasting interest - to me and readers - and save me some headaches (apart from hopefully fuelling more readers)


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