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File Hippo Update Checker

I have so many software and tools installed on my PC and it is a headache to keep track of updates.  Some software (freeware) do provide an update notification, but then they ask us to provide your email ID, which I do not prefer – for the fear of spam.

But not all the utilities or freeware authors provide such notifications and I hate keeping auto-updates ON – when it is available.   We have to keep in mind that auto-updates are generally provided for in paid versions, and the free or freeware generally do not.  Even when auto-update feature is built in, you never know what it is doing and god forbid, if you are on a pay-as-you-use/metered download connection, you are looking at wasting bandwidth.

I have been searching for a tool for long which can tell me when updates are available for all installed software.  And today got a fantastic tool - update checker from [].  A very nice update checker, Filehippo update checker is safe and gives an instant idea of only updates or about (almost) all programmes installed on PC, including beta versions.

Here is a screenshot of Filehippo update checker in action


Really nice – Filehippo update checker solved my headache.

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