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Copy File Names in Windows XP

Just imagine that you have made a long manual or text book and each chapter is one separate word document and with reference documents as PDF files at the end.  On a Windows XP (or lower) machine, if you attempt to copy the file names, you would be frustrated. 

It is a frustrating bug for you to find that are no easy ways to quickly copy file names and paste somewhere else – like in a text file or word document?  The simple thing that ‘MAC’ users could do for god knows how many years!

Now, here is the solution.  A very simple utility - freeware to boot, from Code Project guys, called ‘Copy Location’.  []

The file can be directly downloaded from the site, but requires a free registration with the site.  What the Code Project’s Copy Location does is add a shell extension – the little pop-up you get on right clicking – to the Windows XP.


Once installed, select a file or group of files in a folder, right-click, and viola, you have option to copy the file-names alone or along with the whole path.  The Copy Location freeware utility has been there for all of 7 years and poor old me has been struggling all this time! 

BTW the new Windows Vista has this feature built in.

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