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Transiting to Bootstrap 4

Finally the much awaited Bootstrap 4 (though beta) has been released to the public.  So it is time to switch over to Bootstrap 4 from the existing Bootstrap 3.3.7.  Along with it the JQuery which was at 2.2.2 (from googleajax) has also been upgraded to JQuery 3.2.1.

Till I get my head firmly around to Bootstrap 4 from 3, since it is a complete code rewrite, and lots of changes, the blog may look a little ugly.  Though most, especially basic or essential functionalities should not be broken, if you notice something please leave a comment in this post.

Right off, I can see the label and information colours are awful and have to be tweaked.  But the navbar takes the first priority as everything seems to have shrunk into that (-) dash by the side of the monkey.

Since this is a blogger template (that is XML) it cannot be easily squeezed through a Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 online converter or Migration Tool.

Going to have fun this weekend.  If I find any quirks will follow up with tip off posts. Meanwhile have a great weekend.

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