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Breitbart offers $100000 for MadrasNow

The infamous Alt-Right, though some term it as conservative website Breitbart, appears to expand its footprint into India.  Why India?  For one, Steve Bannon, the founding member of Breitbart has publicly commented that he admires India, and reads the Hindu holybook Gita.  Second, American media, over the last few years, view the India as an emerging English language news consumption market, ripe for picking.

Hence, it appears the shocking news (even to me) that Breitbart is to takeover MadrasNow for $ 100,000.  That’s Rs. 60 lakhs.  Not bad for 6 to 7 years of work!  I have not been able to verify it.


But, hold on to your horses. 
  • I will never, ever sell to the alt-right crowd, especially Breitbart, even if they offer a million dollars.
  • Do you believe all what you read on the internet?
  • When I opened the email, and saw this image attachment, I thought it must be a joke!
    • So, take a good look at today’s date.

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