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New Year Resolutions and Greetings for 2017

Of late, my New Year Resolutions seem to be working fine – for me – for 11 months out of twelve.  And in the December of the year, approaching another new year resolution time, just seems to break loose and wreck havoc.

I cannot remember much of what my new year resolutions were about before 2014, for it used to be a long drawn out party, and half the resolutions made at the birth of the new year would not be remembered with sunshine.

It used to be that kind of party.  The 2014 resolution is a personal one, and for privacy issues, cannot be posted online.  But all the other three, starting from 2015, till that of yesterday’s night, are free-for-all.

On 01 January 2015, I decided to kick off my beer guzzling.  Now Beer is colloquially and with a wink, referred to as ‘Barley Water’ (பார்லி தண்ணி in Tamil) by old timers.  I kept on resolutely with the decision, and in December of 2015, Chennai was inundated with – Water – during the Chennai Floods.

On 01 January 2016, I decided to chuck off my three-four-cigarette-a-day smoking habit.  Smoking is referred to as ‘Puffing Away’ or ‘Blowing Away’ (ஊதி தள்ளறான் in Tamil ) by the old timers.  Once again, I stuck on with determination, and in December 2016, you guessed it right, Chennai was ‘blown’ down by Cyclone Vardah.

Today, on 01 January 2017, I have resolved to stop imbibing hard liquor.  Hard Liquor, as everyone knows, is also referred to as ‘Fire Water’, universally.  I hope to keep my head straight all through the year, but thinking of December 2017, gives me shivers – or is it because I’m feeling the ‘heat’?

Whatever it is – shivers due to cold, or shaking because of the heat, watch out Chennai and the people of Madras, Now called Chennai.


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