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How to fix Open Live Writer login issue

The Open Source avatar of WLW, the Open Live Writer (OLW), was officially updated with OAuth 2.0 or Blogger ver. 3 authorisation earlier today.  However another issue cropped up for some users.
While the first post went through, without a problem, the 2nd and other consecutive posts failed with "The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden" error.

A little fingering around found the solution.  The Password box in the Blogger Account configuration was empty.  The fix is to Open up Blog Settings & enter your Google/Gmail password.
(File >> Options >> Accounts >> Select 'Blog" >> Edit >> Update Account Information)

You will find the Password Box is empty (though user name with be a GUID)

Fill in the password (Google/Gmail) >> Next >> complete the update.

Viola, I just tested with 2 consecutive posts. And this is the 3rd post :-D

Update:  This log in issue has been fixed by the OLW team with version release.


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  1. Thanks for the solution. But lables removed in olw and also facing problem when retrieving a draft from blogger to olw

    1. True about labels - feature lacking. I've had no problems about drafts.

    2. True about labels - feature lacking. I've had no problems about drafts.

  2. Aslam-o-Alaikum;
    When i try to retrieve a draft from blogger to writer i can't see drafts only published posts are visible.The labels from blogger are missing in writer too.
    Hope both issues fixed soon.

  3. Replies
    1. latest version of OLW ver, all the login issues have been fixed. Only Labels feature is yet to be implemented.

    2. Not work on version 0.6.xx too


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