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Google Doodle celebrates Water on Mars

Mars is all the rage in September.  We had the Mars Atlas from ISRO, marking one successful year of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).  Matt Damon is all set to entertain us in The Martian this week.  And NASA announced yesterday that they have found running water on the Red Planet.  So how can Google be left behind?

Thus we have a Doodle, celebrating the announcement of the discovery of running water on Mars.  The Doodle’s reach is all across the  world, except a few in Saharan Africa, and Iran.  Was that a blooper, intended or is that Google does not have homepages for those countries?

The animated Doodle shows the Red Planet enjoying a glass of water.  NASA though have confirmed that the ‘water’ on Mars is salty, more briny than drinkable – with one explanation being that the surface salts absorb the humidity in atmosphere, and on becoming mushy enough, flow down.  While we have to wait for the actual explanation for flowing water on Mars, and whether life-forms have managed to hold on in those strange and precarious conditions, we can always enjoy the Doodle today.

Here is the Google Doodle celebrating the discovery of flowing water on Mars.


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