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Ganesh Chaturthi 2015 Pooja procedure in Tamil

The auspicious day of Pillayar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi is on Thursday - on 17th September 2015.  This year the Pillayar Chaturthi occurs exactly on the day the Tamil month of Avani or Simha transits to the Tamil month of Aippasi or Kanya.

We have already posted on how to make a Ganpathi idol out of clay at home earlier in 2012.  We have posted the complete Ganesh Chaturthi pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil for people who are away from home, in other states of India or overseas and cannot get a priest.

The Pillayar Chaturthi pooja vidhi - procedure is full and complete - from achamanam till samarpanam.  I only request anyone who reads it and uses it to avoid using flowers and decorations made of paper, plastic and paints.  Please use only original flowers, fruits and clay as done in old times.

The Ganesh Chaturthi pooja vidhi is complete by itself.  It has all the mantras in full - from achamanam till namaskaram.  No need for you to refer to another book - except for the Ganesh Asthotranamavali, if you want to recite it. 

This year, we have added the Daily or Punar Pooja too, will be posted on 17 Sep – that is the procedure for the daily pooja, if the idol is venerated for 3, 5, or 9 days, and also the pooja procedure for the Ganapathi Visarjan day.

BTW you may have come across many Pooja Procedures, but how many give you the relevant meanings like the screenshot?  Before today, did you understand that when you chant ‘januni pujayami’, you were worshipping the Lord’s knees?  You only get these information here, so please say thanks in comments.


The Pillayar Chaturthi 2015 Pooja procedure in Tamil can be downloaded for FREE from
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  1. Thanks a lot for you kind spiritual service. May god bless for your progress and prosperity.

  2. Many many thanks for doing this great work. Helps a lot for us to follow procedures and to stay connected to pooja, agamam by using your service/webpage.

    1. We try to help out in our own small way - really happy that people find it useful

  3. Thank you very much. May god bless you.

  4. Nandri Sir


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