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The egg and the Cockatiel

The Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) are natives of Australia.  And they are dumb.  I do not know the actual reason – because they were Australians once, or the reality they have been raised by a dumbo like me.  And this is the second instance of their lack of intelligence on display.  Have you read about the first instance?

The cockatiels are not only indigenous but they are also endemic to Australia, meaning they were originally found only there.  But both of my two pairs of Yellow Cockatiels were born in India, for certain.  The two younger mating pair are actually from the same brood.  So unless there is some inherent genetic condition – like what the PM Narendra Modi implied about people from Bihar and their DNA – there is no reason for them (the cockatiels, I mean) to be so stupid.

So, what happened to reinforce the thought that they are bird-brains?  Yesterday morning, I heard some strange chirping by the 2 pairs.  When I looked through, I could spy a lone egg inside the cage.  And the cockatiel mother proudly sitting inside the nest pot and presumably incubating the egg.  All fine and nice, one would say.

Except the stupid cockatiel had laid the egg ‘on’ the cage floor, all the while warming up the ‘empty’ nest pot.  Here, look at the scene, reminiscent of the famous Akbar and Birbal story – cooking with the rice pot 10 feet from the fire.


The picture is shaky because I could only shoot from a distance.  Any nearer and the mother cockatiel attempted to get out of the nest pot.  Ultimately, get out she had to – because I picked up the egg and gently placed it into the nest pot, for her to truly incubate.  Though I have very low hopes for this egg.

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  1. Andrei Funar20/08/2015, 17:51

    In Romania we have stupid more people like this


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