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Even Pinterest got the right ‘wrong’, not only Smriti Irani

Yesterday, the Indian Higher Education Minister, and self-touted 6-day-Yale-Graduate Smriti Irani was caught in a faux pas.  A congratulatory letter sent on her behalf by her Ministry to a Teacher, had the word ‘Minister’ misspelt in English, and ‘Resources’ misspelt in Hindi.  But then, why blame her or the Ministry?  Even Social Media, which was used to poke fun at her, have their own bloopers – for e.g., Pinterest.

Yesterday I noticed the info message pop-up in Pinterest, which tells us that with Pinterest we can start pinning ‘right’ from the browser has a misspell.  Wonder how long Pinterest has been doing the right thing ‘wrong’?

BTW was that a coincidence that I noticed the wrong-right, when I pinned to the Humour board?  And the error is still there, as of the Madras Day post share.


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