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April Showers at Chennai

After being hot and sweaty for 3 weeks or more, this Vishu Day, is a pleasant surprise for Madras, that is Chennai.  It was overcast in the morning, but later brightened up a little.  Though we have had a few drizzles over the last couple of days, it was not much.  But today is different.

A big, big Thunderstorm has moved in from Vellore and is dumping a few centimetres worth of moisture on the city.  April Showers are a rare phenomenon at Chennai and today will be one of those.

OTOH, people of Chennai have to be prepared for a spell of really hot, sweltering which usually follows up these finicky thunder storms.

Here are some snapshots of the Chennai sky before the storm burst.  Had to snap off a few quick snaps as the growling was ominous, and I suddenly realised that I was probably on (one of) the tallest structures around.

This is a view looking due North:


The is a view of the South East:


Does this little bit of April Showers mean a short bloom of May Flowers?

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