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The Spirit of Christmas is alive, Merry X’mas to everyone

If you ever doubted that ‘the Spirit of Christmas’ has been lost, be assured that it is not.  Even the Narendra Modi regime which has been accused of disrupting the Christmas holiday by rechristening (pun unintended) today as Good Governance Day, has been caught in the emotional beneficence.  Otherwise why should they gift Bharat Ratna to two of their leaders on Christmas eve.

So, here is the special Christmas and Season’s Greetings for Winter 2014.  The image itself is a ‘gift’ from Google.  It is a patchwork of images which Google displayed on their Search Results page yesterday.


Oh No!  That star on top of the X’mas tree is not the Bharat Ratna.  Neither is the flashing North Pole light to the right refers to the brightest bulb in the present cabinet of ministers – the Yale Graduate in one week!

For everyone else, once again a Merry X’mas and Season’s Greetings.

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