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Learning Blender with Azhvarkkadiyan

I always knew that Blender is has a very steep, and quite a long learning curve.  The first problem a user, especially one from Windows, encounters is the selection, movement and zooming controls.  Without perusing a Blender Manual or at least a Blender for Dummies book, it is quite impossible to do anything in Blender.

Oh, one can always open and close Blender, I guess.  Apart, even spending 2 days with Blender is not enough, at least to a dummkopf like me.  Even with a fine tutorial, I am still like a Babe in the proverbial woods.  All I could manage was a head, and not too good at that.  what I decided to do was to take a snapshot of that attempt in Blender, and ‘draw’ on it in my favourite Paint.NET.

The original intention was to create some of the characters in Blender 3D and pose them.  Instead, I decided to modify the bare noggin into Azhvarkkadiyan peeping into the Kadambur Palace at night, trying to overhear the conspiracy against the Chola Crown.  As I said all the extra fittings of Azhvarkkadiyan like his tufted hair, are all done in Paint.NET.

So here is my first attempt with Blender ver. 2.73-RC, of the character Azhvarkkadiyan in Ponniyin Selvan.


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