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Why I love Grammarly, the online Grammar Checker

If you had not read my introduction to Grammarly, back in December 2012 2013, you surely missed out on one of the best pieces of writing-assist software.  If you had read that post about Grammarly, but had not installed it (the free version at least), you have really missed out on polishing your English writing skills.

This article is not about how Grammarly helped me to improve my writing skills in just two months.  That review is in the pipeline, with the statistics to prove it - not that the long time readers would need such proof.

Grammarly, whose software surpasses the MS Office Word’s built-in spell plus grammar checker, and also the Browser’s built-in version, have a monthly best-slogan contest.  The winner gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  I entered the contest for December, after installing Grammarly.

Today, I received the email from their marketing team stating that my slogan of December - “Grammarly, utterly, betterly, makes its writerly”, has been judged as the best for the month.  A $100 prize money for 6 words, and an opportunity for shameless self-promotion isn’t all that bad, is it not?


No wonder I started to like Grammarly even more.

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