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Whats up with Facebook Messenger for Windows

It seems that Facebook is going the Google way.  If last week was the acquisition of WhatsApp, this week is the sudden announcement that Facebook Messenger for Windows would be shut down on 3rd March 2014 - in just over 3 days from now.

Not content with aping Google in acquiring other platforms to increase its web presence, Facebook is picking up the Google's nasty habit of shutting down popular, sometimes more useful services.  Facebook Messenger for Windows OS was released as a stable version only in March 2012, and is already being withdrawn.

To top it, Microsoft announced only 3 days ago at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona that Facebook Messenger for Windows phones will be available in a few weeks.  Today’s announcement by Facebook must be leaving Microsoft engineers scratching their hair - if not more eager to scratch the eyes out of the Facebook team.

Even more bizarre is the announcement, which ends with a ‘Learn more’ link.  One would expect the link to take us to a page which explains the strategy behind the move to junk Facebook Messenger, and perhaps some alternative in the pipeline like integration of FB and WhatsApp.  Woe behold the faithful.

The ‘Learn more’ link takes us to the old help pages, of which the most relevant information is on ‘How to uninstall Facebook Messenger on Windows’ - as if Windows users of today need to be told how.


Come 3rd March, wonder there would be a sudden drop in FB use, and should I sell short my Facebook stock?

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