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Google Doodles for Lunar New Year 2014

The Lunar New Year, also called as the Chinese New Year starts today, 31 Jan 2014.  Google heralds the Lunar New Year with a Doodle on certain of its homepages.  There is one in Google China/Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year; and different Doodles depicting the Korean, Viet New Year celebrations.

The Lunar New Year of China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan and Tibet are based on Chinese Calendar and occur on the same or nearby dates.  Accordingly Google has put up 3 different Doodles for the Lunar New Year 2014.

The Chinese Doodle is also displayed on the Google UK.  In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Horse, which is said to bring prosperity and wealth.  The lunar calendar is based upon the cycles of the moon and has 12 animals, one to represent each year of the lunisolar cycle - unlike the Hindu calendar which has 60 year cycle.

The one for China and Taiwan depict a smiling girl with brown hair and rosy cheeks on a wooden rocking horse representing the ‘G’.  Behind her, a happy young man is seen carrying Chinese lanterns forming the two ‘O’s.  The teen himself forms the 2nd ‘G’, while the fireworks garland he holds on the other hand form the ‘L’ and ‘E’.

The Doodle for Korea depicts a happy Korean Family, while the Viet Doodle depicts a prancing, happy horse.

The Doodle for Chinese New Year 2014.


The Doodle for Korean New Year 2014.


The Doodle for Viet New Year 2014.


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