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Navratri 2013 Pooja Procedure tips in Tamil

From today, 05th October 2013, starts the Navratri (நவராத்திரி) or Dussehra (தசரா) festival.  This year’s Navratri is considered special as today, the Pratamai (பிரதமை) day has started with the Hasta (ஹஸ்த - அஸ்தம்) Nakshathram.  Navratri is divided into sets of three days to adore three different aspects of the supreme goddess.

Traditionally (in Tamil) the goddess is worshipped as Durga during the first 3 days, as Lakshmi during the middle three and as Saraswati during the final 3 days.  The 10th day - Vijaya Dashami - literally the tenth day of Victory is celebrated as the day when the goddess killed the demon Mahishasura.

The ninth day of Navratri is celebrated as Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja, as has become (expected ?) the practice, we will upload the full Saraswati Pooja or Ayudha Pooja 2013 procedure in Tamil within the next few days.

While most flowers and leaves can be used for Devi puja, there are some flowers which should *not* be used specifically for some goddesses. 
  • Durga especially (and generally no goddess) should not be worshipped with Doorvayukmam (दूर्वाम् पत्रम्) (அருகம்புல்), or Cynodon dactylon, more commonly known as ‘Bermuda Grass.’
  • Lakshmi should not be worshipped with Drona Pushpam (द्रोण पुष्पम्) (தும்பை பூ), or Leucas asperca, commonly known as ‘Common Leucas.’
  • Saraswati similarly should not be venerated with Paarijata Pushpam (पारिजात पुष्पम्) (பவழ மல்லி), or Nyctanthes arbortristis, commonly known as ‘Night flowering Jasmine.’

There are also special dishes, colours and flowers which can be used specifically during these 9 days-nights to please the goddess.

Here is the image of the tabulation, with the Devi’s names as they appear in Devi Bhagavatham (தேவி பாகவதம்), and also the Naivedhyam (நைவேத்தியம்),    Sundal (சுண்டல்), Flowers (பூ), Sari colour (புடவை நிறம்), Carnatic Raga (ராகம்), for specific days of this Navrathri 2013.


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