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Are Indians really so steady and stodgy in society

When I came across this graphic aiming to explain the different characteristics of culture, I was stuck with the thought, ‘Are Indians really as stable and reasonable as suggested?’

One look at the cacophony that is going on, suggests (at least to me), that is it otherwise - Indians should be placed much more up towards the Red rather than the calm, thinking Yellow at right - forget about the logical, result oriented Blue to the left.

If I had any iota or doubt, the TV news on CNN-IBM where angry parents went on a rampage in a school at Dum Dum, Kolkata, firmly dispelled it.  If you haven’t, read about it here.

It is not a one off incident, just think back to December of last year when Nirbhaya was brutally raped and died.  The incident was horrible and repugnant.  But what was the purpose of teeming hordes engaging in hooliganism in the streets of Delhi? 

Was that any less brutal or non-violent behaviour?  In truth the Delhi Police were gracious by saying the goons and hooligans had taken over the protests.

One would think that educated and level headed people would behave better.  The Delhi crowd disproved that belief.

One would also think that people with even more education and who occupy (or occupied) positions of power, would display restraint and act responsibly.  That belief too was broken when the former Army Chief, Gen. V.K. Singh joined the protestors, and blamed the policemen for the rape.

In case we think that Richard Lewis’s model can be applied to more business-like professionals, think again.  Even people to whom we look up to, like the then Chief Justice of India Altmas Kabir, spoke of his earning to join the protestors!

Was that impulsive or rational?

These incidents surely buttress my thinking that Indians should be placed more towards the Red - emotional, impulsive people, who are neither like the cool, logical, decisive planners, nor like the amiable, courteous and accommodative people.

But does it matter what I think?  Here is the excellent Cultural Types: The Lewis Model from Richard Lewis at [].


My nasty half natters, ‘Now where would he put Pakistan?  I guess far, far out - since there is no space for emotionally unstable terror mongers!’

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