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Yajur Upakarma 2013 Avani Avittam procedure in Tamil

In this Tamil year of Vijaya, the Rg and Yajur Upakarma or Avani Avittam (ஆவணி அவிட்டம்) occurs on Tuesday, the 20th of August.  Gayathri Japam is on the next day, Wednesday, 21st of August.
As has become a practice since last year, here is my public service.  The complete Rg, Yajur Upakarma or Avani Avittam procedure in Tamil is scanned and placed for download and use.

The full procedure is in a PDF file of 1.28 MB in size.  On submitting the Google form below, you will receive an email with a link to the Rg, Yajur Upakarma or Avani Avittam procedure in Tamil PDF file, which you can download.

[Tip: As soon as the file opens, hit Ctrl+S to download]

FYI, the Gayathri Japam procedure for 21st August is *not* included herein and will be uploaded later in the day, on Sunday as a separate file.  The sankalpam for Sama Veda Upakarma will be uploaded next weekend.

Tips for performing a flawless Rg, Yajur Upakarma or Avani Avittam is here and for Gayathri Japam is here.  Do read them, they are good.

Please do note that the mantras assume that the upakarma is performed at/after 10:23 IST on 20 Aug 2013. Similarly, the Gayathri Japam is chanted after 07:15 IST before 11:25 IST on 21 Aug 2013.  If not, alter the sankalpams as follows:

Rg, Yajur Upakarma 2013:

20/08/13: till 10:23 IST Chathurdasyam
                from 10:23 IST to (21/08) 07:15 IST Pournamyam

20/08/13: till 13:40 IST Sravana Nakshatra yuktaayaam
                from 13:40 IST Dhanishta Nakshatra yuktaayaam

Gayathri Japa sankalpam 2013:

21/08/13: till 07:15 IST Pournamyam
                from 07:15 IST to (22/08) 04:29 IST Prathamyam

22/08/13: from 04:29 IST Dwitheeyam

21/08/13: till 11:25 IST Sravishta  Nakshatra yuktaayaam
               from 11:25 IST Sathabishak Nakshatra yukthayam

Clarification on the Actual Rg Vedic procedure: The kanda rishi Tharpanam procedure is to be replaced by deva rishi pithru tharpanam by Rig Vedis.  For conveniance (of themselves), the  priests ignore this difference. [ Many thanks & namaskars to Shri. +P.R.Ramachander @ for pointing it out]


Check out the latest version - free download at:

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  1. excellent service,..... thanks

  2. no problems (except creating new IDs. :-D

  3. welcome, do visit, read, comment & *share* often

  4. Jayaraman Natarajan20/08/2013, 00:09

    Yajur upakarma procedure in nutshel if sent to me, I will be grateful. I am from Bangalore India but now in New Jersey USA. Jayaraman Natarajan

  5. Thanks so much. Very helpful for people in US

  6. I have sent a request. I am from Chicago, USA. Can you let me know what all I should say differently.

  7. Thanks for posting the upakarma procedure.Print copy from the pdf document came out good. I spend hours every year searching online.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Just need to know the sequence in mamopartha ..... Vijaya Nama samvatsarae ..... To avanguna vishaesaena......

  9. Thandaveswaran20/08/2013, 09:37

    Great! Thanks!!!

  10. Welcome, Glad to be of help. Do visit, read, comment often & *share* + Add in G+

  11. :-D Always check this site before Googling ;-). Next big one is Pillayar Charturthi Puja procedure. Then Mahalaya Paksham from 20th Sep. Then Saraswati Puja on 13th Oct. LOL. Krishnan.Vadhyar is going to be busy.

  12. Change the "thithi" and "nakshatra" as per timing posted in blog ... மத்யே, விஜய-நாம-ஸம்வத்ஸரே, தக்ஷிணா-யணே, வர்ஷ-ருதௌ, ஸிம்ஹ-மாஸே, கிருஷ்ண-பக்ஷே, "பௌர்ணம்யாம்" -சுபதிதௌ,
    சௌம்ய-வாஸர-யுக்த்தாயாம், "ச்ரவிஷ்டா"-நக்ஷத்ர-யுக்த்தாயாம், ஸ்ரீ-விஷ்ணு-யோக ஸ்ரீ-விஷ்ணு-கரண சுபயோக சுபகரண ஏவங்குண விஷேஷன விஷிஷ்டாயாம், அஸ்யாம்,பௌர்ணம்யாம் –சுபதிதௌ மமோபாத்த ... Similar use for Gayathri too.

  13. Use the form, pop the laddu. :-D

  14. Nothing much different. For Upakarma use 'pournamyam' thithi and 'sravistha' nakshatra. For Gayathri use 'prathamyam' and 'sravishta upari sathabishak' nakshatra.

  15. Thank You so much.

  16. Thanks a ton. This and the Gayathri Japam procedures were very helpful

  17. balakrishnan21/08/2013, 21:25

    i want the samveda upkarma details and mantras.

  18. Glad to be of service. Do visit the blog often - perhaps everyday, for more such thoughtful writeups. ;-( Samaveda procedures are too elaborate. we will try to post it in time before 7th Oct., but be assured, the 'sankalpam', at least will be posted next week.

  19. balakrishnan22/08/2013, 21:05

    thanks for immediate response and assurance. Shall wait for the same. It would be indeed very helpful


  20. Done - but as explained, procedures are too elaborate. Bare essentials are at

    explanation in updated post at


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