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Google Doodle for Edith Nesbit also bungled

It seems 15th August isn’t Google’s day at all.  First they messed up the National Colours in the India Independence Day Google Doodle.  Now the other Google Doodle which is displayed on the Google UK homepage is also bungled.

While users from India and South Korea are treated to a special Google Doodle celebrating freedom on the respective Google homepages, British stopping by at are presented with a Doodle paying tribute to Edith Nesbitt, the English author.

The Doodle depicts a scene from The Railway Children, the most famous work of Edith Nesbit.  There is nothing basically wrong with the charming Doodle.  It looks fantastic and makes me want to read that book again.


In case you have never heard or read the story, here is a summarized version.  In the 1906 published The Railway Children, Nesbit narrates the story of a family forced to leave a comfortable life in London and move to 'Three Chimneys', a house near a railway line, after the father is falsely accused of spying and jailed.
His 3 children strike up a close friendship with a daily commuter, who eventually helps prove the father's innocence and free him.

All well and good.

Edith Nesbit was born on August 15, 1858, which makes today her 155th birthday.  As you can see, so it says when the cursor is placed on the image.  But now the bungling happens.

The URI for the image, whether it is an attempt to search or open the image terms it as Edith Nesbit’s 89th birthday!



God!  Google, what the heck is happening?  Two gaffes in one day!

If bloggers do something like this, our blog’s Page Rank would be penalised.  Who is going to penalise your PR now, Google?

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