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Ashes to Splashes, Poms pee on Oval Cricket pitch

Whichever way we look at it, this Ashes series has seen the fair name of Cricket being hit for six.  The sacking of Aussie Coach Micky Arthur and the umpiring bloopers were the opening partnership which set the tone.

The awful use of Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) by the players on the field, the team management, and the officials completely bowled over everyone.  Even more baffling is the stand taken by International Cricket Council (ICC) - still batting for UDRS.

The fiascos with the Light Meter and calling off play for bad light showcased the inadequacy of rules on playing conditions plumb in front to everyone. 

Stuart Broad’s refusal to walk and later admitting that he had nicked was the epitome of a cricketer sweeping all sense of fair play out of game.  Accusations that Kevin Pietersen used silicone tape on the bat to fool Hot Spot technology put a spin on the term batsman.  As if it was not enough, David Warner hooking one to Joe Root’s jaw crossed the boundary of decent behaviour.

Or so one thought!

Till Monty Panesar decided to pee on a Bouncer - of a bar, thankfully not on the field.  Next to follow on was Darren Lehmann who called Stuart Broad a cheat and was fined $3000 for it. 

Just as everyone thought the fever pitch had settled down, the England team earned the cap for everything crass by reportedly peeing on The Oval pitch!

(image courtesy @MattPrior13 / Twitter)

My mischievous half murmurs, ‘Maybe with all the peeing they should think of renaming The Ashes Urn as The Splashes Urinal.’


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